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Wouldn't it be nice if everything could fit as well as a Savile Row suit? If your car had just that bit more headroom, or the telephone handset was just a little more comfortable? Well your computer system can fit your business like a glove. You just haven't been talking to the right tailor…

Gistix (Northern) Ltd. is a small firm of computer systems specialists. We design, specify and develop tailormade computer solutions employing a wide variety of industry standard platforms and tools. We also specialise in integrating third party systems and software into a cohesive whole.

Whilst we will happily tackle any technical environment, we have a proven track record of developing successful solutions utilising the following tools and platforms:

Our skills and experience can also be employed on a consultancy basis. Perhaps you need help in specifying your requirements, handling unhelpful suppliers or managing an upgrade? You can have someone who is 'in the know' and on your side.

We have developed tailormade solutions for Local Authorities, Police, Trademark and Patent Lawyers, Waste Disposal Contractors and others.

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