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Mapwise® - put your own spots on a UK map

Do you have customers, salesmen, depots, etc which you'd like to plot on a map of the UK? Or just maybe your favourite pubs? Mapwise is simple-to-use software at a bargain price (£15 incl. VAT).

POLYDOCS - Automated Letter Production via Microsoft Word

GIS - Gistix Toolkit - Desktop Mapping

The Gistix Toolkit offers desktop mapping at a sensible cost. A starter package provides lots of functionality. Using the Toolkit, you can extend this to provide a full tailormade solution.

GAFF - Automated Fault Notification - send warning messages from your software to a remote administrator

Do you supply software which runs automatically or unattended on one Windows machine - and you would like it to be able to notify warnings or errors actively to a person on another Windows machine? GAFF provides a simple framework for doing just that.